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Ward Profile Jan-2020 Kilburn ward

This updated profile incorporate the most recent ward data available from population forecasts, from surveys and from administrative data to give the best current view of the local population. They...

Births And Maternal Health In Camden And Islington 2013

This public health intelligence profile describes the trends and patterns of births and maternal health in Islington and Camden. It aims to support further work across both boroughs to improve...

Camden Organisation Chart

The Camden Organisation Chart is published on Camden's main website in compliance with the Local Government Transparency Code.

Pro- Active Camden Outdoor Gym Evaluation 2011

The Camden outdoor gym programme is the largest of any borough in the UK. Eight sites opened in 2009 and a further 9th site was installed in 2012. Most Camden residents live within 20 minutes of an...

CYP Mental Health

This factsheet provides a focus on the emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people in Camden.

Camden Population Growth 2016

This factsheet focuses on future population growth and changes in demographics, with data from the 2014 GLA population projections ‘Camden Development (capped average household size)’....

Camden Hypertension Prevalence 2014-15

Recorded and expected prevalence of hypertension in Camden, by GP practice, 2014/15 Note: To view the charts with the correct formatting, please click the Enable editing button when Excel opens.

Impacts Of Welfare Changes April 2016

This presentation is part of an ongoing series of analyses of the impact of housing benefit and other welfare changes. This latest version includes possible impacts of recent government...

2011 Census Profiles for Camden 2022 Wards

A new wards structure comes into effect from 1 January 2022. Data from the 2011 Census has been 'best fit' to the new wards to give some idea about the demographics for the new areas. The file...

Camden Parking Bay CSV to GeoJSON Converter

The Parking Bay dataset was created in the open data portal several years ago and only exports the data as point GeoJSON. This Python3 Script downloads Camden Council parking bay data as CSV and...

Parking Services Penalty Charge Notices 2018-19

This dataset contains transactional penalty charge notice data held in the London Borough of Camden's parking management system; inclusive of penalty charge notices issued by Civil Enforcement...

Ward -LSOA Lookup & Maps

Lookup table of 2011-based Lower-layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs) by Camden 2002 wards; and individual ward maps showing the location of LSOAs within.

Carer Breaks Consultation 2023

Under the Care Act 2014, Local Authorities must promote carers’ wellbeing and prevent their needs from escalating. Breaks have a potentially crucial role in helping local authorities meet their...

Aquaculture Disease Management Areas

Management Areas were established in the Final Report of the Joint Government/Industry Working Group on Infectious Salmon Anaemia in January 2000, based on tidal excursions around active farms....

Hot Dry Rocks - Scotland

Hot dry rocks are a potential source of geothermal energy. In Scotland they are likely to exist as buried high heat production granites. Alongside other data from the Scotland Heat Map, information...

Depth of Abandoned Mine Workings - Scotland

Water in abandoned mine workings is a potential source of geothermal energy. It can used in space and water heating. The thermal energy that can be obtained tends to increase with depth. Alongside...

What Is The Population Guide

Quick guide to population measures and the latest current information on the overall population of Camden.

ONS Mid-year Estimates ( MYE) Camden LATEST

Tables showing the latest mid-year estimate population from ONS.

Special Advisers' Gifts and Hospitality from January 2020 to September 2023

This dataset contains details of Special Advisers' Gifts and Hospitality for the period January 2020 to September 2023

Ministers' Gifts and Hospitality from January 2020 to September 2023

This dataset contains details of Ministers' Gifts and Hospitality for the period January 2020 to September 2023