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Forest Regulation Task Force questionnaire Question 4 responses on priorities for change

Answers by organisations to Question 4 of the questionnaire on stakeholders' priorities for change

Hydrocarbon Oils

Administrative datasets to collect Hydrocarbon Oils Taxes

Office Carbon Emissions

The carbon emitted from offices used by HMRC. Updated: monthly.

Permanent Forest Mensuration Sample Plot Network

Permanent forest mensuration sample plots that are re-measured every 5 or 10 years as part of a rolling annual programme. Data is collected from a sample of public and private woodland sites...

North Sea Oil Model

SAS based field microsimulation model used principally for forecasting North Sea oil and gas revenues. Includes survey data of oil and gas companies' production and expenditure, as well as...

Compliance Quality Initiative (CQI)

CQI is a workbench used to record details of enquiries made into Income Tax Self Assessment and Corporation Tax Self Assessment returns. It does not include enquiries by the HMRC's Large Business...

Survey commissioned from The Renewable Energy Association Ltd of Non-Domestic Woodfuelled Biomass Boilers in England 2008, 2009 and 2010

Spatial dataset showing the names and locations of boiler installations and the nature of the boilers

Joint Wood Energy Enquiry

UK statistics on wood energy for international reporting. Source agency: Forestry Commission Designation: Official Statistics not designated as National Statistics Language: English Alternative...

Forestry Commission England Corporate Plan Performance Indicators Input Indicator 1 supporting dataset

Components of Input Indicator 1: Cost to Forest Services of providing tree health service including surveys and staff time

Carbon flux Monitoring

Research Forest Carbon flux monitoring site dataset with associated meteorological measurements

Yearly report on Habitats

This document gives the current areas of broad and priority habitats across the estate

Design Plan Units

A Spatial dataset. This dispersed dataset shows information on forest plan coverage, approval and expiry on the Public Forest Estate.

Document preservation and treatment

Data relating to repository environments


Employee records of - driving licence, European Protected Species Licence, Inst of Civil Engineers Supervising Civil Engineer

Yearly reports on District Areas

This document gives information on the amount of land managed by Forestry Commission and other data such as woodland area

Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting for Forestry

UK data on environmental and economic accounting for forestry, for international reporting (Eurostat) Source agency: Forestry Commission Designation: Official Statistics not designated as...

Northern Ireland Biotoxin Results

Northern Ireland Biotoxin Results

Northern Ireland Phytoplankton Results

Northern Ireland Phytoplankton Results.

Northern Ireland Microbiological Results

Northern Ireland Microbiological Results

Approved Food Establishments in England and Wales

A full list of establishments in England and Wales approved to handle, prepare or produce products of animal origin for which requirements are laid down in Regulation (EC) No 853/2004. A monthly...