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Defence Inflation Estimates

The statistical notice will present a chain-linked Laspeyres price index and corresponding year-on-year price growths for personnel expenditure, contract expenditure and overall defence...

Civilian Personnel Statistics

MOD civilian workforce by grade equivalence and budgetary area, and total civilian time series. Publication dates for this publication are subject to change, and may vary within two weeks before...


Project Management Information System PROMIS is a database application that is used to record the educational attainment of Officers and Soldiers within the Army, for both civilian and military...


Mine CounterMeasures2 (Portsmouth Squadron) Officers contact List for issue to visitors or Press as required.

Police force Penalty Notice for Disorder (PND) systems (various across the 43 police forces in England & Wales)

Penalty Notices for Disorder (PNDs) issued and paid.

Bonus Data

Application that provides analysis capability on Civilian Bonus data

Defence Commodity Information BFPO Database

Information relating to the procurement, movement and consumption of commodities within the MOD: Master List of all BFPO Data

Quad Service Manpower data

This is a front end to a flat file system containing historical Army, Navy and RAF manpower data from there systems prior to migration to JPA. The system also contains Civilian manpower data from...

MCS-CMAO Database

Tracks and manages Army RAF Court Martial cases

AFCDT Database

The AFCDT Database contains records of the service No, name, rank, DOB,unit and drug test history for all members of the Armed Forces. The database affords a audiatble data tracking tool to...

HQ - CO - Civilian Personnel Database

Commando Training Centre Royal Marines(CTCRM) - Database to help personnel management of CTCRM MOD Civil Servants.

Defence EOD Operator Datasets

Training and assessment data for Defence EOD Operators

Defence Logistic Information Item of Supply Information System (ISIS)

Includes information on standards

CEA Database

CEA details on military personnel who have children in boarding school.

Police force Failure To Appear warrant information systems (various across the 43 police forces in England & Wales)

Failure To Appear (FTA) warrants received, executed and outstanding, by category of warrant, in each police force area.

Deaths database

A system to record all armed forces deaths

UK Search and Rescue (SAR) Data Site

Web-based data room for the UK SAR procurement project. Originally named GAP SAR


British Forces Liaison Organisation Germany Training Legal BFLOG. The Legal Database is in place to ascertain an overview of non criminal outstanding debts in BFG.

2009 Army Cadet Force Survey- Adult Responses

To record the attitudes and views of staff members working for the Army Cadet Force.


The Veterans Db is an application designed and developed by UKSCG G6 for use by J1 to register Military Veterans living in Germany and surrounding countries.