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ITT Performance Profiles Management Information

This Management Information provides figures on the number of trainees commencing or completing an initial teacher training (ITT) course leading to qualified teacher status in England in the...

List of Educational Psychology Trainees

Educational psychology training is a three year doctorate programme. NCTL train on average 120 annually and share the cost with employers. There are contractual implications for both trainees...

Annual Survey of Newly qualified Teachers

Annual survey of newly qualified teachers' perceptions of the quality of their training and how well it prepared them for their first teaching post. Each new cohort of newly qualified teachers is...

Five Star Feedback

Feedback received from NCTL leadership development programme participants rating the quality of modules and qualifications via an online feedback system. Includes overall feedback rating for...


Records of suppliers and contracts for the NCTL

Initial Teacher Training Performance Profiles

Data about initial teacher training: trainees, programmes and providers

Skills Tests Development Analysis

Following a review of the professional skills tests in 2012, new tests in English and mathematics are due to be launched in Autumn 2013. Test development data and analysis, produced by test...

Audit Feedback Information

We audit ITT providers annually based on the risk criteria, therefore have templates with provider information. This is not subject to license

Graduate Data

Details of NPQH, NPQML and NPQSL participants who have completed the qualification. Including previous model NPQH programme and current licensed version.

Initial Teacher Training Trainee Number Census

Recruitment data about initial teacher training in England

MTL Model

Operational key ITT dataset, detailing funding due for MTL participants trainees. TRNs held Model contains all data required to forecast payments. Loss of data could mean payments would not be made.

Educational Psychology Workforce Survey

Annual survey of the local authority educational psychology services. Data collected includes the number of full and or part time or on maternity leave educational psychologists and assistant...

Record of Newly Qualified Teachers engaged in induction activity in England

Part of the dataset held in the CRM Evolve national database of qualified teachers . This is a live dataset including historical data from previous responsible agencies. Details of individual...

National College for Teaching and Leadership System Leader Designation Data

Designation statuses for individual NCTL members and schools, academies, such as teaching schools, National Leaders of Education, Local Leaders of Education, Specialist Leaders of education and...

Register of School Direct lead schools

A list of schools registered to deliver School Direct places

ITT Provider list

Details of historical and current Initial Teacher Training Providers

The Potential New Provider Tracker

A working list of all institutions which are usually schools that approach the National College for Teaching and Leadership to seek accreditation as providers of initial teacher training. It...

Financial Memorandums and Grant Funding Agreements

These are the signed funding agreements received from the providers or lead schools. This is not subject to license

National College for Teaching and Leadership System Leader Deployment Data

Records of where and when National Leaders of Education, Local Leaders of Education and National Leaders of Governance have been deployed

Skills Tests Data for Current Academic Year

Weekly and monthly data captured on professional skills tests results for trainee teachers in numeracy and literacy for academic year 2012 and 2013. Includes pass rates by test form and special...