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Court Martial Results from the Military Court CentresCourt martial results from the military court centres: January 2010 to April 2015

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All verdicts map sequentially back to the relevant charge. Where the finding is the same on all charges the result will show either Guilty or Not Guilty.
Rank Service Trial Court Sentencing Date Charge (s) Finding Sentence Not set
Signaller Army Colchester 07-Jan-10 2 x Battery, 1 x Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm 1 x Not Guilty, 2 x Guilty Admonished Not set
Colonel Army Sennelager 08-Jan-10 5 x Obtaining a money transfer by deception, 6 x Fraud, 1 x Forgery, 1 x Making a false entry in an official document 11 x Not Guilty, 2 x Guilty 6 months imprisonment suspended for 2 years, dismissed from Her Majesty's Service Not set
Guardsman Army Colchester 13-Jan-10 1 x Absence Without Leave Guilty 8 months detention Not set