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Spend over £25,000 in the Rural Payments AgencyAugust 2012 return

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Department Entity Date Expense Type Expense Area Supplier Transaction Number Amount Description Supplier Postcode Supplier Type Contract Number Project Code Expenditure Type Vat Registration Number
DEFRA RPA 24/08/12 IT Outsourced Services Programmes & Projects Accenture 3003190266 £401,673.60 ICT managed services charges EC3M 3BD No 64175 PPS03700 & SPSS0110 ADMIN Not set
DEFRA RPA 24/08/12 Supplier Contractors Strategic Improvement Planning Accenture 3003190838 £43,105.30 ICT managed services charges EC3M 3BD No 64349 SIPRLR06 ADMIN Not set
DEFRA RPA 02/08/12 Downstream Access Mailing & Printing Managed Document Services Adare IS1204504 £34,084.46 Single payment form No.5 scanning and data capture HD8 9QQ No 64352 MDSBCMS1, MDSSPS01, MDSGIS01, MDSFIN01, MDSDSS01, MDSCREG1 ADMIN Not set
DEFRA RPA 20/08/12 IT Licences Service Management Axios Systems Consultants 9658 £74,475.60 Desktop Licences EH3 7HX Not set 64476 OFFS0250 ADMIN Not set