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Exceptions to Cross-Government moratoria on spend in the Department for Work and PensionsICT spend, April to June 2012

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Project Name Basis for Exception Value requested Value approved Date
Fraud & Error Programme IT Feasibility and early IT design work for the Departments Fraud and Error Programme, including early development of interfaces with Universal Credit. £17m £4m Apr-12
Fraud & Error Programme IT Detailed Requirements and Detailed Design for the Departments Fraud and Error Programme including further work for the development of Universal Credit interfaces. £5.3m £5.3m May-12
Personal Independence Payments (PIP) Programme This request covered: 1. The delivery of the new PIP IT computer system required to enable the delivery of the new PIP benefit. 2. The delivery of changes required to be made to existing benefit IT computer systems to enable information to be transferred across from the respective databases to the new PIP computer system. 3. The initial procurement of components (servers and software) for the building of various test environments to enable rigorous testing to take place - required to provide developers with assurance that the system is on track for being released into live use from April 2013. 4. Initial procurement of User Licences to enable access to the new IT computer system. 5. The initial analysis of requirements for the Independent Assessment Tool (IA) to be used to assess eligibility for award of PIP. £45.90 £27.4m Apr-12
Universal Credit Programme This provides commercial cover to allow Accenture, BT, IBM and HPES to carry out further development. £102.4m £102.4m Apr-12