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Exceptions to Cross-Government moratoria on spend in the Department for Work and PensionsConsultancy Oct to Dec 2018

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HMG Ref Title Description/Notes for Minister Department Arms length body Control Type Activity Type Requested Value Status/Decision/Result Minister Sub Date
Dec 18 - 03 - CS - Resource Baseline Exercise Resource Assumptions Baseline Exercise (MCF Competition) In preparation for the 2019 Spending Review the Department is reviewing how DEL spending is forecast and the quality of the underlying business critical demand models and assumptions. These models forecast over £1bn per annum worth of DWP’s spend and will be used both to create a baseline for the Spending Review (in Spring 2019) and to estimate impacts of change to spend. Consultancy support is required to refresh a large number of these assumptions, including fieldwork across the DWP estate to capture and then refine data and evidence supporting the demand models. The consultants will also provide external expertise into assumption based modelling for large organisations in order to better prepare future forecasts. DWP Nil Consultancy CCLAB and Ministerial up to £950,000 Approved by CCLAB 19/12/19 Approved by Minister 07/01/19
Dec 18 - 02 - CS - Executive Team Organisation Design Executive Team Organisational Design Work Package The DWP Executive Team (ET) have been undertaking an organisational design review of senior accountabilities with agreed underpinning design principles. From April 2019 DWP will move to a new ET structure with each Director General (DG) accountable to others in the Executive Team for a particular objective and sees a move away from organising the Department by Operations and Corporate Centre groups. This will mean competition for two new DG roles and some team moves into new DG areas of accountabilities. However, the overriding success factor will be to scope and introduce new ways of working to achieve common goals. Consultancy is required to provide external challenge and support in ensuring alignment to overarching design principles. This will include designing and facilitating an Accelerated Solutions Event and also working across Work Strands to enable the delivery of the new ET model. DWP Nil Consultancy CCLAB £95,000 Approved by CCLAB 17/12/18 N/A