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Exceptions to Cross-Government moratoria on spend in the Department for Work and PensionsICT Jan to Mar 15

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Department Organisation Name Project name Basis for expenditure approval Total Value requested (£) Total Value Approved (£) Date of approval
DWP Not set TPR IT Transformation - Private Cloud Project TPR is seeking approval to replace its self owned and managed TPR data centre compute and data storage capabilities which are currently located at Napier House with an Infrastructure as a Service ('IAAS') cloud based solution procured via the GCloud framework. £3,060,000 £3,060,000 13/01/2015
DWP Not set Customer Information System - Remediation (CIS-R) Project - Phases 3 & 4 Early Design activity This request is to undertake the discovery activities for phases 3 and 4 of discovery work £363,000 £363,000 15/01/2015
DWP Not set State Pension Top up (Class 3A) This is for the development/delivery phase of the HMRC non-digital IT elements. The amount was reduced following discussions with Cabinet Office. £2,500,000 £1,675,381 19/01/2015
DWP Not set The Personal Independence Payment Assessment Tool (PIPAT) Release 3 This is to put in place a number of contracts to enable the current delivery of PIPAT Release 3 Core enhancements and Off-line tool integration to progress through to design, and commence work on the User Front End and Medical Assessment Portal Services (MAPS) Portal. £1,402,047 £1,402,047 22/01/2015