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Government Major Projects Portfolio data for HMRC2020-21 - Government Major Project Portfolio (GMPP)

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GMPP ID Number Project Name Department Annual Report Category Description / Aims IPA Delivery Confidence Assessment (A Delivery Confidence Assessment of the project at a fixed point in time, using a five-point scale, Red – Amber/Red – Amber – Amber/Green – Green; definitions in the IPA Annual Report on Major Projects) Departmental commentary on actions planned or taken on the IPA RAG rating. Project - Start Date (Latest Approved Start Date) Project - End Date (Latest Approved End Date) Departmental narrative on schedule, including any deviation from planned schedule (if necessary) Financial Year Baseline (£m) (including Non-Government Costs) Financial Year Forecast (£m) (including Non-Government Costs) Financial Year Variance (%) Departmental narrative on budget/forecast variance for 2020/21 (if variance is more than 5%) TOTAL Baseline Whole Life Costs (£m) (including Non-Government Costs) Departmental Narrative on Budgeted Whole Life Costs
HMRC_0015_1617-Q1 Building Our Future Locations Programme HMRC Government Transformation and Service Delivery HMRC's transformation is the biggest modernisation of the UK tax system making changes to the way the department works and the services it provides. Our Locations Programme is a key enabler and by changing people's working environment, HMRC is helping to change how they work. We are creating a new network of modern digital hubs in 13 regions, alongside 5 Specialist Sites and a London HQ. Our Regional Centres will be inclusive and environmentally friendly places to work. Technologically advanced, they will be available not just to HMRC colleagues but also to other government departments, truly anchoring the locations as the first in the network of wider government hubs and bringing to life the vision for the Civil Service of the future. Amber Compared to 1920-Q2, the project's Infrastructure Project Authority's Delivery Confidence Assessment rating increased from Amber/Green to Amber. This is primarily due to the following factors: In addition to the Edinburgh Regional Centre opened earlier this year, the Programme has successfully delivered a further 3 new Regional Centres during this quarter in Cardiff, Leeds and Stratford. We have now delivered 7 of the 13 HMRC Regional Centres, as well as a Hub at Canary Wharf. The Programme is on track to deliver a further 5 Regional Centres in the upcoming financial year. We continue to secure benefits, in accordance with the latest Programme Business Case, through the closure of our legacy estate. Over the last financial year, we have closed 40 legacy offices and a total of 124 offices since the Programme began. 2016-01-05 2026-03-31 Compared to 1920-Q2, the project's end-date remained scheduled to finish on 31 March 2026 . This is primarily due to the following factors: The Programme remains on target to complete on 31st March 2026 £405.80 £456.47 12% The budget variance exceeds 5%. The 2020/21 full year final position at Q4 is 12% higher than baseline, this is primarily because of the following factors: - HMRC re-prioritisation of its programme portfolio resulting in deferral of expenditure into 2021/2022 - Civil Service Compensation Scheme terms not changing as originally expected resulting in exits remaining more expensive £2,835.90 Compared to 1920-Q2, the projects Baseline Whole Life Cost remained at £2835.90m. This is primarily due to the following factors: The baseline Whole Life Cost as at Q4 202/21 is unchanged from £2,835.90m reported in the 2019/20 report. It has not been formally updated since the Programme Business Case v1.0 was approved by HMT in May 2017.